Monday, March 23, 2009

March has been a good Month

This Month we (My father Sam and Me) have been able to build all the rest of the frame work for the Layout the only thing left to do is build the ends of the peninsula upper deck on 3 and both decks on peninsula 2 (bottom will be Bethungra Spiral).

All he track work in "Goulburn North" is down ready to be wired up and have the point motors on the Main line and the slide switches on the rest.

All the point for "Moss Vale" have been made ready to be installed. I have run out of rail joiners again so I only have able a 3rd of "Moss Vale"track laid so far this month.

With "Moss Vale" started and the framework now done I am starting to build the 13 points for Mittagong I am waiting on a order of Foam underlay so I can continue laying track in Mittagong and start South Goulburn as well.

Now that the Main construction is done the whole room was vacuumed to remove all the dust and saw dust from the place its nice to have a clean layout room.

I have to thank My Father Sam for all the Help with the design and building the Layout so far I would not have been able to do it this fast (remember the Layout was started April 2008) or this well designed(eg the way the upper deck is counterlevered) without him thanks Dad. he has his own layout at his Place call "Buff Point Branch" check out the link to have alook at his hand work.