Monday, June 15, 2009

Work done by the 10th June for a operational test.

For the 10th June I had a meeting at my place for the Location NMRA Members, the CCWN group (Centre Coast Wednesday Night Group) So I wanted the Layout Operation for the Meeting. I have to Thank Sam (my Father) Gerry, Ken and Trevor for the Help to get think done for the Night.

The work on the Goulburn south has been going well with the the first yard done. The Mainline south has been extended to the Points 2/3 of the way down the Goulburn South. the Coal storage roads have been install as well but the points to this area but the Slide switches were unable to be done for the Night so we used the front yard only.

The Photo Shows Area for Goulburn Loco has been worked out and the turntable is now in position with a 44 Class showing one of the storage roads. The Round house will only be the back half as I do not have the room for a Full Round house and also so it can be see and Operated from the front also you will see the lower area which is for the Ash pit. the Coaling stage road has to be raised yet and I have to build the 16 bay coaling stage as well.

Sam (My father) has been installing the slide switches in Medway Quarry and Goulburn South thanks Dad.
I had a friend Gerry come over and Help install the Point Motors control boards and decoders that run them We were only able to install the Control for Goulburn North and Medway for the 10th June which work great from the test, Thanks Gerry

Ken and Trevor Help with the wiring, They had the Thankless task of Connecting the dropper from the track work in Medway, Moss vale and Goulburn South to the to the Main and Yard Bus. thanks Guys.

One thing I will now be doing is changing the yard dropper wire colours form Red and Black (same as the Main line droppers) to White and Blue so not to get myself confused with the wiring.

Moss vale has now had all its Points install and the Mainline north in starting to go around to Mittagong.
5725 running Light in Moss Vale going back to Goulburn with a 44 Class following.