Sunday, November 18, 2012

November info

HI All

After having the N.M.R.A. Div 7 Meeting on the 10th November and going to the New England Convention in Armidale on the 17th & 18th November (which was a great convention) having people kept asking me to update this Blog so I am.

The Below 3 photos are of the Layout on the 16th November.
as you can see work is progressing well on Bethrunga Sprial now I have to make the trees for the top of the hill. I will have t go for another trip South to get more Soil for Junee as I have run out. so I will be getting more photos on the way.
 Mittigong track work is all laid now so some wiring and point motors and slide switches to go to get it operational.
 Glenlee has 80% track work done so I am hoping for my January C.C.W.N. Meeting to have the 2 finished.

On the way to Armidale for the New England Convention I went thru Werris Creek for a look.

8006 in Tuscan waiting its fate.

These 2 81's I with Kurt installed the ICE radio systems in both Loco's.
  Nice to see them out and about.
Need to come back and plan a Longer trip to so I can have a better look.
The EDI workshop.