Monday, December 5, 2011

Have to thank some people for helping with the layout later,
Ken Scales and Dennis Clarke with soldering all the dropper for the mainline to the main bus wire and the Yard feed in South Goulburn.
Gerry Hopkins for finding the cross wiring between to feeds that was done a while ago in North Goulburn after I was going nuts trying to find it.
Sam Mangion for getting the backdrops boards in and painted the base blue another job that now closes in each isle.
With all the guys help it has sorted out a few thing that i have been wanting to finish off and get to doing some operation.
I have been able to install TSU AT-1000 ALCO 251 V12 decoders in to 5 more 44class locos

Monday, October 17, 2011

Main Line in and running.
 All new Zonemaster Boosters are in, still working on finishing the last few main feeds for the track work to the boosters.
Have been building more point to back filling the rest of the layout starting with the last few points in Goulburn then on to Mittagong, Bethungra and Glenlee.
The backdrops for the bottom Half of the Layout are being done over the next 2 weekends then will be painted the Base sky colour I use which is Turbams North Bay
Now the NMRA convention tha was in Melbourne, is over and have learnt a lot of different options to doing things so I will be building some cardboard mock up. so to see how some of the building will look and if i have to shorten  the length of them to fit on the layout.
My Plan I hope, is to get in and try to finish of Goulburn get every thing working right and start to build its structures and scenery, so other work will slow or stop til I get this work done. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Have passed the hump! 210 out of 400 Points

Hi All
I have great news. I have now finished over 210 points last weekend, so I am over the hump.
Now I have all the points to finish the mainline which I will complete laying the track work this weekend. This makes me fell great for the time I have spent on the layout so far is paying off. I hope to have the all the mainline running by August.
Then I only have to worry about finishing the other 190 points which I would like to have finished by November 2012 so a lot of work to do better get back to it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Central Coast Wednesday Night M.R.C. visit 18th may 2011

on the 18th May i had the Central Coast Wednesday Night M.R.C. attend which i am a member of. with myself there, there was 23 people attended. Most have see the layout before and were interested in the new work I have done. Some members got a change to operate a few trains around which also showed to me that the track work runs well, have a few small problems but over all the night went well. I would like to thanks Gerry Hopkins for assisting with rechecking all the points before the meeting.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Laying the Main Line on the bottom half of the layout

I have been working in to the track work to get the main line done over the last few months. This is the area from Goulburn South to Junee and the Southern Staging. I have the track done down to Bethungra. but still have to build another 26 points to finish the main line. Once the mainline is done i will start back filling the sidings as I build the rest of the points.

Having built 180 Points I had to buy a new Fast Tracks Pointform filling jig, due to wearing it done that far that it was no longer usable.
Now that I have had more track deliver I will get into finish the Main Line by mid June I hope.
I hope to add some photos soon.