Saturday, May 16, 2009

Question on What is the White Stuff

The "White Stuff" is High Density Foam.
My Father "Sam" used foam underlay on his layout. It is very easy to use and not that costly, So I have done the same thing with the Main South Line layout.
The foam comes from Solartex Sheets are 8' by 2' , but for transport they are cut down to 4' by 2' sheets. I cut them in to 1 & 1/2 " strips and sand the top two edges a little to remove the square corner look and make it easier to Ballast. I normal order 10 sheets at a time. Well back to work.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 09 South Goulburn started

Early May 2009 already the year is flying by.

I have started laying the foam underlay for Goulburn South track work. The hard part will be to Work out how to fit the 90Ft turntable and coaling stage (both to be built at a later date) in the space I have and still make it look like Goulburn Loco. I did not do the Loco yard on the plans as I was hoping to find some more space for the turntable. I have a Opening in to the workshop that will make it easier to fit the Turntable and Round House.
I have added a Copy of the original drawing of Goulburn Loco just to show how much I have to cut out to fit it in but i hope it still look good. The round house will not be a full one as in the drawing it just takes up to much room. Alot of the Duplicate track will go, one was to duel line to the round house from the station. The Coal stack roads there are 5 on the Plan, but I may only have 2but will still give the Idea of storage tracks.
I Hope to get Goulburn south track layed this month as well as finishing of Moss vale Track work.
We have been busy installing the ANE Point Servos to the Mainline Points and Slide Switches to the yards all of Goulburn North and Medway are done.
With working out Goulburn Loco it has added a Few more Points, so far it has been 15 more Points to take the Total to 382 from 367 points.

As the there will be more to add it looks like it may top the 400 Mark alot of points to build as I have Built 94 so far lots of work to do better get back to it.

Friday, May 1, 2009

April was a slow month.

April has been a slow month having had lots to do away from the layout.

Have started laying the sleeper under the Points which does take a bit of time per point. I used match sticks, once they are painted and ballasted it is hard to tell.

With some sleeper laid I did a test with what colour to paint the sleepers and rail. the colours I have used are from "Floquil" Sleeps are "Railroad Tie Brown" and the Rail is "Rust". the Sleepers are spray painted but the rail are paint witha brush. I was happy with the colours that I done and it matched the photos I have taken at Goulburn Last year.

I have tried ballasting some of the yard at Goulburn North going off the photos I have, It look good. The Yard Ballast is Sieved down 1/4 minus from the local nursery. The large mainline ballast also comes from the same 1/4 Minus but sieved with a slightly larger holed sieve.

The 1/4 minus is $22.50 per bobcat bucket 2 fill the box trailer cheap ballast.