Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Work So Far

Picture 1 shows How the Layout Steps Down the Peninsula.

Picture 2 Upper Deck Plan Part 1 Sydney End.
Picture 3 Upper Deck Plan Part 2 Goulburn End.

Picture 4 Lower Deck Plan part 2 Junee End.
Picture 5 Lower Deck Plan part 1

Main South Line - New South Wales, Australia
HO by Rowan Mangion
Name: Main South Line
Operator: New South Wales Government Railways
Period: 1950's-1970's
Location: Upper Deck - Sydney to Goulburn

Lower Deck - Goulburn to Junee, Plus Hidden Staging
Train Room: Started January 2008
Layout Started April 2008
Work so far: Had to extend and insulate the shed first as well as add a workshop.

Started construction of the frame work of the Layout in April 2008
in the Corner Where Goulburn and Junee then built out from there.

Started laying the under lay at the northern end of Goulburn through to Medway

Junction May 2008.

Track Laying started in July 2008

Have lay most of the Track in Station End of Goulburn and Medway Junction

and working around the Peninsula to Moss Vale .
DCC System: EasyDCC from CVP
Dual Deck: 20" between Decks
Track: Micro Engineering code 70
All Points (Turnouts): Fast tracks number 6
Number of Points (Turnouts): 365 to build, 70 built so far
Point Motors: Mainline only
Curvature radius: Main line 30" & 28" siding Minimum 24"
Gradient: Mainly 2.5%
Layout Size: 31ft X 30ft with 3 dual deck peninsulas
Deck height
Lower Deck Starting at 36" at Hidden staging and Junee working it up to the Mid High of 56" at Goulburn them up to top staging (Sydney) at 76".


JWB said...

Rowan, you are amazing, and from the small taste that this blogspot provides, the whole project is going to be simply awesome. It is enough to stun me out of my MR cathartic hibernation and get me doing things again! Thanks mate! John

JWB said...

Actually the stark black with white text looks great - very professional.