Monday, May 9, 2011

Laying the Main Line on the bottom half of the layout

I have been working in to the track work to get the main line done over the last few months. This is the area from Goulburn South to Junee and the Southern Staging. I have the track done down to Bethungra. but still have to build another 26 points to finish the main line. Once the mainline is done i will start back filling the sidings as I build the rest of the points.

Having built 180 Points I had to buy a new Fast Tracks Pointform filling jig, due to wearing it done that far that it was no longer usable.
Now that I have had more track deliver I will get into finish the Main Line by mid June I hope.
I hope to add some photos soon.

1 comment:

Ray P said...


180 points built and 26 to go!!!!

I have stalled with 5 built and 6 to go... ;-(

But then I never was good at repeating things, much more fun working on something new.

I really should get back to Cassilis, there was at least one pointed comment last Friday night when the Ramblers came around.

Your layout is looking good and should be interesting to operate, welcome back.

Ray P