Sunday, June 23, 2013

Servos installs, the things you learn.

As I have been using Servos with the Tam Valley Boards to control them, I have notice that I should have been doing the install a little different. I was installing them without a tube through the plywood deck so that the weather effected the ability of the servo by restricting the movement of the wire through the plywood. so more rework to be done again.
 In this Photo you can see the wire that is attached to the throw Bar of the Point, as you follow the wire back you can see the tube coming through the adjacent sleeper.
 in this photo you can just see the tube coming through the plywood above the servo having the tube may be a bit more work but a lot better operationally.
 Aside view of the servo the plywood and track bed and track
another view of the top on a different point. I will have to redo about 47 points oh fun. but in the long run it will be a better running layout.

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