Friday, May 1, 2009

April was a slow month.

April has been a slow month having had lots to do away from the layout.

Have started laying the sleeper under the Points which does take a bit of time per point. I used match sticks, once they are painted and ballasted it is hard to tell.

With some sleeper laid I did a test with what colour to paint the sleepers and rail. the colours I have used are from "Floquil" Sleeps are "Railroad Tie Brown" and the Rail is "Rust". the Sleepers are spray painted but the rail are paint witha brush. I was happy with the colours that I done and it matched the photos I have taken at Goulburn Last year.

I have tried ballasting some of the yard at Goulburn North going off the photos I have, It look good. The Yard Ballast is Sieved down 1/4 minus from the local nursery. The large mainline ballast also comes from the same 1/4 Minus but sieved with a slightly larger holed sieve.

The 1/4 minus is $22.50 per bobcat bucket 2 fill the box trailer cheap ballast.

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Seneca60BC said...

May I ask what colour and manufacturer paint you used to paint the side of the rails the rusty brown colour?