Monday, October 17, 2011

Main Line in and running.
 All new Zonemaster Boosters are in, still working on finishing the last few main feeds for the track work to the boosters.
Have been building more point to back filling the rest of the layout starting with the last few points in Goulburn then on to Mittagong, Bethungra and Glenlee.
The backdrops for the bottom Half of the Layout are being done over the next 2 weekends then will be painted the Base sky colour I use which is Turbams North Bay
Now the NMRA convention tha was in Melbourne, is over and have learnt a lot of different options to doing things so I will be building some cardboard mock up. so to see how some of the building will look and if i have to shorten  the length of them to fit on the layout.
My Plan I hope, is to get in and try to finish of Goulburn get every thing working right and start to build its structures and scenery, so other work will slow or stop til I get this work done. 

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