Monday, December 5, 2011

Have to thank some people for helping with the layout later,
Ken Scales and Dennis Clarke with soldering all the dropper for the mainline to the main bus wire and the Yard feed in South Goulburn.
Gerry Hopkins for finding the cross wiring between to feeds that was done a while ago in North Goulburn after I was going nuts trying to find it.
Sam Mangion for getting the backdrops boards in and painted the base blue another job that now closes in each isle.
With all the guys help it has sorted out a few thing that i have been wanting to finish off and get to doing some operation.
I have been able to install TSU AT-1000 ALCO 251 V12 decoders in to 5 more 44class locos

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Hopey said...

Arent those Tsunami Alco 251 Decoders great, P&P may be easy but gee- say 10 minutes per and away you go. mine are in SAR 930s and now looking at putting one in a 700 :)